Your eye health is important 
Even if your vision is clear, you can still have a serious eye disease 
You only get one pair of eyes 

At Heron Eyecare we believe that your eye health is very important. Good eye health is essential for good vision, but sometimes people can have an excellent vision, but a potentially blinding eye disease.

Our experienced optometrists have advanced training and use specialised equipment to diagnose eye diseases as early as possible. This is essential to make sure these eye diseases can be treated before they affect vision or cause blindness.

To maintain healthy eyes and clear vision we recommend:

  • Patients over 40 have their pupils dilated with eye drops. This allows our optometrists to check the health of every part of your eyes 
  • Patients with retinal detachment risks or symptoms have their pupils dilated with eye drops 
  • Patients with diabetes have yearly examinations with pupils dilated and wide-field photos of their retina 
  • Patients with glaucoma risks have nerve tissue assessment with OCT, eye pressures and peripheral visual fields yearly 
  • Patients with keratoconus have corneal shape maps and corneal thickness yearly 
  • Children tested with dilated pupils to accurately test vision and eye health 

If you're concerned about your eye health, contact us or call us on 07 4639 2378.

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Emergency Eyecare


Some eye problems cannot wait until normal opening hours. So, Heron Eyecare offers after-hours emergency services if required. Eye emergencies include: 

  • Red eyes 
  • Eye pain 
  • Light sensitivity 
  • Eye infections 
  • Eye injuries, trauma or burns 
  • Sudden vision loss 
  • Flashes, floaters or cobweb symptoms 

If you experience any of these eye emergencies, please phone Heron Eyecare on 07 4639 2378 to speak to an optometrist to arrange an emergency appointment. 

Treat your eyes to the best

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