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Eye Measurements

Corneal Shape Maps (Corneal Topography) 

The clear surface of your eye is called the cornea. The shape of the cornea must be measured to custom design contact lenses. Mapping the corneal shape also allows our optometrists to diagnose Keratoconus, which is a disease causing thinning and steepening of the cornea.

Scleral Shape Maps (Scleral Topography)  

The white surface of your eye is called the sclera. Our optometrists can now measure the shape of the sclera to custom-design large scleral contact lenses to the scleral shape.

Eye Length Measurement 

Myopia or short-sightedness causes the eye to grow longer. Increased eye length increases the risk of serious Myopia-related eye diseases. Our optometrists can measure eye length to make sure Myopia treatments are working at slowing eye growth.

Wavefront Mapping (iProfiler) 

Everyone’s vision has optical errors called aberrations. The measurement of these errors is called wavefront mapping. Our iProlifer can measure these wavefront errors and adjust your glasses prescription to give you the clearest vision possible by reducing these errors. 

Eye Imaging

Wide Field Retinal Photography (Clarus 500) 

The precious nerve tissue at the back of your eye is called the retina. Our wide field camera can photograph almost the whole retina in your eye. This allows us to detect any serious eye diseases, which affect your retina and cause vision loss. 

Microscope Photography

The front part of your eye can be affected by infections, injuries and even dry eye damage. Our microscopes can photograph the front of your eye to record any problems and make sure our treatment plan is successful. 

Nerve Tissue and Macular Scanning (OCT) 

The delicate nerve tissue at your macula and optic nerve is essential for clear vision. Eye diseases, such as Glaucoma and Macular Degeneration, can damage these critical areas of the eye. Our OCT produces high resolution images of your macula, optic nerves and the fine blood vessels of the retina. This allows us to detect eye diseases in their earliest form to prevent vision loss and blindness. 

Visual Fields (Computerised Perimetry) 

Some eye diseases such as Glaucoma, and other brain diseases can affect your peripheral vision. Measuring your visual fields is essential for driving safety, Glaucoma management and detecting some brain diseases. 

Dry Eye Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) 

Dry eye can be very difficult to treat in some patients. The discomfort and pain may not be controlled very well with just eyedrops. IPL can help reduce the inflammation of the eye caused by dry eye to improve eye comfort and your quality of life. The treatment is safe and involves a light treatment to the skin below your eyes, which allows a long-term relief from dry eye symptoms. 

High-frequency Electrotherapy (Rexon-Eye)

While IPL can help dry eye inflammation and oil gland secretion, the newest dry eye innovation uses electric stimulation to treat all types of dry eye. Rexon-Eye uses the innovative patented Quantum Molecular Resonance (QMR) to stimulate the water producing lacrimal gland and oil producing meibomian glands with a low power but high-frequency electric therapy treatment.

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