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Lens Types

Single Vision Lenses 

Single vision lenses are designed to focus for your distance or near vision only. Single vision lenses can also be individually customised to remove distortions in your vision. 

Digital Anti-fatigue Lenses 

Zeiss Digital lenses are designed to reduce visual fatigue or discomfort particularly when reading or using digital near devices. 

Office Computer Lenses 

Zeiss office lenses are designed for the office workspace. These lenses make viewing your computer and reading more comfortable. Often office lenses are required in addition to multifocal lenses for long hours of computer work. 


Bifocals are focused for distance with a small reading area at the bottom of the lens. This older technology cannot be customised individually like multifocal lenses. 

Multifocal Progressive Lenses 

Multifocal or progressive lenses are designed for the whole range from distance vision through to reading. Older technology multifocal lenses commonly had some visual distortions but individually customised Zeiss lenses remove these distortions. 

Zeiss Technology

Smartlife Lenses 

Zeiss Smartlife lenses are designed to improve our vision in the digital world we now live in. This brand-new lens design was only released in 2020 and is the latest innovative product from Zeiss.

Drivesafe Lenses 

Zeiss Drivesafe lenses were the first glasses lenses in the world to be specially designed to improve driving safety. These lenses have been designed to reduce headlight glare and improve vision for nighttime driving.

Polarised Prescription Sunglasses 

Polarised sunglasses can be made in your prescription to reduce sunlight glare, particularly when driving. Zeiss and Maui Jim lenses provide the best vision and glare protection from the sun.

UV Protect 

All Zeiss lenses, even clear lenses, are now made with 100% UV protection. This protection can help prevent serious UV damage, which can cause many eye diseases including cancers.

iScription Technology 

Zeiss iScription technology can correct your vision more accurately by correcting more visual errors. The benefits are better colour vision, and reduced glare particularly at night-time. 

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