Lindberg Optical Frames

Everyone’s face is individually shaped, and many people struggle to find an optical frame which perfectly fits their face. Have you ever thought, “why can’t they make a frame to fit my face?”.  Well now you can, with Lindberg frames. 


Heron Eyecare has provided individually customised glasses lenses and contact lenses for many years to achieve the best vision possible. Optical frames have always been made to many standard sizes and shapes, but often if the optical frame you love doesn’t fit perfectly, you have to make the choice between style or comfort. That’s why we chose Lindberg. 


Lindberg frames are each individually crafted, combining the highest quality materials, with advanced patented technology including screwless hinges. The Danish design is simplistic, ultralight and sophisticated. 


Titanium is ultra-lightweight, flexible, durable, hypoallergenic, and non-corrosive. Lindberg titanium is manually coloured to produce 36 different colours. Each frame can be ordered in your unique combination of these colours and many frames can have the lens size, nose bridge width, nose pads and temple lengths ordered in different sizes to fit your individual face shape. It’s this individualised customisation which allows Lindberg create the most comfortable and perfectly fitted optical frames for you. You can even have you name engraved on your individual Lindberg frame. 


So if you have never found the perfect optical frame. Heron Eyecare and Lindberg frames will try to make this happen. 


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