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Eye Diseases & Emergencies

Heron Eyecare has the latest innovative technology used to diagnose eye diseases. Eye diseases such as: dry eye disease, keratoconus, pterygium, foreign bodies, infections and cancers can affect the eye surface. Deeper in the eye cataract, glaucoma, macular disease and retinal detachment are common diseases.

Cataract occurs when the lens inside the eye becomes cloudy and impairs vision. Cataracts are diagnosed by examination of the eye with a microscope. Cataracts are treated by surgery where the cloudy lens is removed and an artificial lens implant is inserted in its place.

Retinal Detachment
Retinal detachment is a serious eye condition which can cause blindness of the loss of an eye. The retina detaches from the connecting structures underneath and must be repaired as soon as possible. The symptoms of retinal detachment are FLASHES, FLOATERS OR COBWEBS! Anyone with any or all of these must be seen immediately for an eye examination with pupil dilation by an eye care practitioner!

Foreign Body Injuries
Corneal foreign body injuries often occur on industrial worksites where grinding and welding are common activities. Metal foreign bodies rust quickly because of salty tears. Foreign bodies and the underlying rust must be removed completely which can only be seen with a microscope and best done by an eye care practitioner.

Eye Infections
Infections of the eye can occur and are often related to contact lens wear, upper respiratory tract infections and herpes virus infections. Bacterial infections are treated with antibiotics and herpes virus infections with antiviral medications. Correct diagnosis with a microscope by an eye care practitioner is critical as the incorrect treatment can cause the condition to worse and result in corneal scarring and permanent vision loss.

Eye injuries and emergencies must be seen as soon as possible.
These include: Foreign body injuries and welding flash, infections, eye trauma or burns, and any symptoms of red eyes, eye pain, or flashes, floaters or cobweb symptoms.

Please contact the practice on 07 4639 2378 and, if after hours, you will be diverted to one of our optometrists.


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