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Keratoconus, Custom Contact Lenses

Keratoconus is a common progressive eye disease where the cornea thins and becomes irregular in shape. The disease usually begins in the teenage years and progresses until to around age 30. Keratoconus is diagnosed by measuring corneal thickness and curvature.

A relatively new procedure called ‘collagen cross-linking’ can successfully halt the progression of the disease by strengthening the cornea.

Customised Contact Lenses
In many cases customised rigid contact lenses achieve the best possible vision in keratoconus. Smaller corneal rigid lenses historically are the first line of contact lens correction and when fitted correctly are the safest as well. More recent advances in larger scleral contact lenses has meant more advanced patients who can no longer wear smaller corneal lenses have an excellent alternative. These lenses are very comfortable as well and can prevent more advanced cases from requiring corneal transplant surgery. Heron Eyecare’s optometrists are able to design custom-made corneal and scleral contact lenses for each unique eye.

Other Treatments
When vision with contact lenses is not acceptable, corneal transplant surgery may be required. This should always remain the last line of treatment as it is complicated surgery and carries high risks. There are also other contact lens and surgical treatment options for keratoconus which are less successful.

Please contact us at Heron Eyecare via 07 4639 2378 or info@heroneyecare.com.au with any questions regarding custom contact lenses for keratoconus.


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