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Common Optometry Questions

Is my appointment bulk-billed to Medicare?
Heron Eyecare is not a bulk-billing practice. As a family friendly practice we continue to bulk-bill children along with Gold Card veterans.

Heron Eyecare’s mission is to provide the highest level of eye heath care in the world. The recent federal government cut-backs to optometry has meant providing this level of eye health care is not possible when bulk-billing.

For more information on eye health examination fees please contact the practice on 07 4639 2378.

Do you offer an option to see now pay later?
Yes, Heron Eyecare offer Oxipay ‘See now, pay later’

Do I need a referral for an eye exam?
No referral is required for an eye examination with our Optometrists.

Do I need to bring anything to my appointment?
We advise all patients to bring a list of medications and current glasses.

Do my glasses have a warranty?
Yes, all Heron Eyecare frames and lenses have a 2 year manufacturer warranty. This also includes transitions lenses and antireflective coatings.

Can I claim directly to my private health fund for glasses or contact lenses?
Yes, we have Hicaps terminal allowing direct claims to health funds. You then can just pay the gap rather then the full amount. Be aware that the unused portion of your health fund’s optical benefit is lost where not used prior to year end.

Can I drive if I get dilating eyedrops?
Many patients prefer to bring a driver with them if they need their pupils dilated. Some patients are not safe to drive with their pupils dilated. Your optometrist will be able to advise you regarding this.

Please contact us at Heron Eyecare via 07 4639 2378 or info@heroneyecare.com.au with any questions.


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